Meet Our Founders

Our founder team is a dynamic blend of tech-savvy innovators and industry experts, united by a common goal: to revolutionize the way fire departments operate.

Nick Horn


Beginning his career in the high-stakes world of Army Special Operations, Nick spent over a decade mastering the critical role software plays in mission success. His extensive experience, spanning 13 years and 14 combat deployments, underscored the pivotal impact of technology on operational efficiency.

Transitioning from the military to the business realm, Nick assumed leadership roles as CEO and COO of several private equity-backed software and service companies, honing his skills in fostering growth and cultivating a culture of outstanding customer service.

Nick's dedication to empowering those on the front lines of public service guided him to the Fire Service sector, a field in urgent need of top-tier software solutions with significant similarities in terms of the people, mission, and culture of his military background. Motivated by a desire to contribute to a cause greater than himself, he is now passionately engaged in partnering with fire departments nationwide, striving to enhance their operational capabilities through modern software.

Nick is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point and Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Jayesh Kataria


Jayesh Kataria is a seasoned technology professional with extensive experience in leading and developing innovative software solutions.

He has previously served as a Senior Engineering Manager at Grubhub, overseeing multiple teams and specializing in areas such as Search, Recommendations, SEO, SEM, and CRM. His professional journey also includes roles at organizations like Goldman Sachs, American Express, and New Holland Capital, where he contributed to high-impact projects and honed his analytical and problem-solving skills.

Jayesh possesses a Bachelor's in Computer Engineering from Mumbai University, India, and a Master's in Computer Science from Columbia University. With a diverse background in technology, management and a passion for solving complex problems, he is adept at steering technological strategies and ensuring the delivery of robust and efficient software products.

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