Services included in every plan

We need your data and some opinions, then we'll handle the rest of the set-up. You can focus on daily department operations while we get everything ready to go live.

Get the help you need, when you need it. Our customer support team is committed to assisting you promptly and will be on speed dial (or camped out at the hotel across the street) during implementation until you're 100% happy and trained.

We offer fully customizable solutions to ensure our product fits seamlessly into your department's operations and workflows.

Pricing that suits your needs


1000/department per year

$100/year per career firefighter
$50/year per part-time/volunteer firefighter*

  • All Professional Plans Feature:
  •   Dedicated Account Manager
  •   Custom Rules Engine Configuration
  •   Tailored Payroll Reconciliation
  •   *Customized pricing available for departments with >100 part-time/volunteer staff
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The most common questions

What makes your platform different from other scheduling and staffing solutions?
Can your platform adapt to our department's unique rules and regulations?
What are the future features on your roadmap?
How secure is our data on your platform?
What is included in the free demo?
How easy is it to transition from our current system to your platform?

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